The Monolith BBQ Guru Edition is packaged to ensure that it arrives undamaged.

1. Cut the plastic straps and remove the cardboard lid.

2. Remove the steel legs that are fastened in place with cardboard next to the ceramic unit.

3. The side panels of the carton can now be removed easily.

4. Remove the cartons containing the accessories located next to the ceramic unit. Further components and accessories are found within the unit and can now be easily removed.

5. Lift the ceramic unit out of the steel cart. We recommend carrying the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition by the brackets for the side tables. 6. Please consider recycling the cardboard packaging.

CAUTION: Due to the risk of breakage please exercise caution when handling the ceramic components. Avoid carrying the grill by the hinges or the bamboo handle, this can lead to damaging the grill! Due to the weight we recommend the unit be carried by two people. Be sure to wear gloves to prevent injuries.