Manual Operation

The UltraQ can be used without connecting it to another device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions below to manually control your UltraQ.


Once the control has booted up, the pit temperature will be displayed. The default pit setpoint is 250°F.

There are three buttons on the left side of the control. To set the target temperature, press and hold the SELECT button for 2 seconds. The digital display will blink. Pressing the UP or DOWN buttons while the display is blinking will adjust the target temperature by 1 degree. Pressing and holding the UP or DOWN will change the target temperature by 1° for 4 seconds, and then increase or decrease in 5° increments.

PIT ADJUSTED TO 275° (Display and LED indicator are still blinking) 

When the temperature is at the desired setpoint, push the SELECT button to lock the temperature.


The food done temperatures are set at a default of 185°F. Each food probe port has a corresponding indicator light. 

  • Food 1 – yellow
  • Food 2 – green 
  • Food 3 – blue

Press the SELECT button to cycle from the current pit temperature to the Food 1 temperature. Press and hold the SELECT button for 2 seconds. Use the UP or DOWN buttons to set your desired food done temperature by following the same instructions for setting the pit temperature. 

To set additional food done temperatures, repeat the steps mentioned above.


NOTE: The control is made in the shape of a Q. The tail of the Q will light up to match the same color as the probe indicator lights so it is easy to determine which temperature is being displayed. 

NOTE: If no probe is plugged into a particular probe jack, the display will show “---". 


The control will display one temperature at a time. To envoke scanning of all temperatures, hold the DOWN button for 2 seconds.

The control will cycle through all four temperatures at 2 second intervals. The corresponding color for each probe will illuminate the tail just as when the desired temperature is set. The outer ring of the Q will always display the current pit status. The tail will change accordingly to indicate which food temperature is being displayed.


The outer ring of the control will illuminate in a variety of ways to indicate the current pit status at a glance.

If the pit temperature is below target range, the outer ring will glow solid blue. The tail of the Q will remain solid red.  

If Scan Mode is invoked while the pit is increasing in temperature, or if the display is toggled to other probe readings by pushing the SELECT button, the outer ring will remain solid blue but the tail of the Q changes to match the corresponding probe. 

If the pit temperature is within its target setpoint range, the outer ring will remain solid red. The default deviation of the target range is 25 degrees F. 

If the pit temperature is within its target setpoint range and the fan is blowing, the top and bottom of the outer ring will remain solid red while the left and right sides will pulse red. 

If the pit temperature is above the target range, the display will show “HI”. The outer light ring will pulse red continuously and the buzzer will sound to indicate that there is an alert.  

NOTE: To change the target range, please see Section 11.4 Alarm Deviation.


When the pit temperature is over the target range or when the food temperature has reached its done setpoint, an alarm will sound. 

NOTE: Any time the alarm is sounding, press any key to silence it and clear the alarm condition. To turn audible alarms off, please see Section 11 Using the Mobile Application.

When the UltraQ is connected to power but has no pit probe connected, the display will show “---” and the outer ring will blink rapidly. The audible alarm will not sound. This is a safety feature so the fan will not run unless a pit probe is inserted.