UltraQ Connecting to Wi-Fi

Follow the instructions below to connect your UltraQ Controller to Wi-Fi using the BBQ Guru App. 

Step 1: Download the BBQ Guru App onto your mobile device.

Apple App Store

Android App Store

*Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on, then power on the control

Step 2: Open the app and follow the prompts on the screen to connect your control to Bluetooth and give your control a unique name.

Note: If this is the first time you are powering on your UltraQ, it will perform a mandatory firmware update. This will take a few minutes.

Once it is complete, your main dashboard will appear. Click on Menu icon, located in top left corner, and then select "Connect to Wi-Fi"

Step 3: Login with an existing ShareMyCook account or click the option to create an account. 

Note: If creating a new account, you will have to verify the account before being able to utilize via the app. 

TIP: When you click Login, if either "Email Address" or "Password" turns to red text, it means that it is invalid.

Step 4: The  UltraQ will search for nearby Wi-Fi networks that it can connect to - this is displayed via the app.

Note:  The UltraQ MUST be within range of a Wi-Fi network to complete the loop when utilizing SMC features.

Tip: if you don't see your network, try rebooting your router and scanning for Wi-Fi networks again.

Step 5: Select your desired Wi-Fi network and enter your password. 

The LED indicator on the bottom right of your controller will illuminate purple if your Wi-Fi connection was successful. If not, the app will ask you to try again. Once connected successfully, the app will prompt you to go back to your main dashboard. 

From here, click the blue "Start Recording" button to begin to save and graph your cook. The blue button will change to "Stop Recording Cook" and blue text will appear that says "View Chart".  Clicking this will allow you to see your graph in real time without leaving the app.

For information on setting up text and email alerts, connecting to Amazon Alexa, or revisiting your saved cooks, please visit the UltraQ User Guide.