Setup Notification and Alert Preferences

ShareMyCook allows users to receive varied email and text message alerts and notifications about pit temperature, food temperatures, fan output, and timer.  The site allows you to set different notification preferences for each device you have registered on the site.

  1. To manage which type of alerts you would like to receive by email or text message, click the ‘Set up Alerts’ icon from your desktop.  (If you are not on the dashboard, click on 'Manage' and then 'My Devices' from the drop-down.  Click on the Alerts button next to your device.)
  2. To select the type of alert you would like to receive, and the preferred delivery method, click the boxes under ‘Email Enable’ and ‘SMS Enable’. If a checkbox is shown, you will receive that type of alert listed in that row. If you don’t want a specific alert, uncheck that box.
  3. There is a special type of notification that is a summary of your temperatures, fan speed, and timer. You can turn this on and choose how often you want to receive these specific types of notifications. Next to 'Notification Interval (Minute)', choose from the drop down how often you would like to receive updates sent to your email and mobile phone. If you would like to receive summaries every 30 minutes, select 30 from the drop down. (Note: Your CyberQ Cloud has to be turned on,  connected to WIFI, and actively connected to ShareMyCook  so you can continue to these updates). To turn OFF these special "summary notifications", set the number back to zero.
  4. Make sure to click ‘Update’ to save your changes.

Types of alerts:

Cook alerts: these alerts will notify you if your cooking is too low or too high or if there is an error with the probe.

Food alerts: these alerts will notify you if your food temperatures are done or too high.

Fan shorted alerts: this is an alarm alert that tells you that your fan is malfunctioning. If you receive it, you should definitely check on the status of your cook and fan.

Timer alerts: this is a notification when the timer countdown had completed.

Notification interval alerts: this is a summary report that will tell you what your pit (cooking) temperature, food temperatures, fan output, and timer. 

If your pit or food temperature display "OPEN" in these alerts, this means that temperature probe is neither plugged in or has malfunctioned.