Placement of the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition Always choose a hard and level surface. Take the weight of the Monolith into consideration. Do not place the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition directly on or in vicinity of combustible materials. Sparks and the hot exhaust air are also potential fire hazards, therefore do not place under a low patio-roof or canopy. Do not use the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition indoors. Always place it outdoors with adequate air circulation.

Opening and Closing the Lid
The ceramic lid is held in an open position by means of tension springs. Do not underestimate the heavy weight of the lid. Never let the lid drop when closing, make sure that no body parts or grill tools are between the unit base and lid. By simply releasing the handle, both the lid and/ or base can be damaged through the weight and force of the lid. Replace damaged springs immediately.

Moving the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition
Do not attempt to move the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition unless it is cool and does not contain any hot charcoal. When moving, use both hands to pull the cart towards you in the desired direction. Do not push it! The cart is not designed to roll over uneven surfaces such as lawn, sand or gravel. For uneven terrain we recommend our Monolith Buggy.

Children and Pets
When using the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition, do not leave children and pets unattended close to the grill.

Indoor Use
Due to smoke emissions, do not use the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition indoors. Always place it outdoors with adequate air circulation.

Local Ordinance & Regulations
Observe all local ordinances and regulations. Cast Iron Ventilation Cap Please refrain from looking inside the cast iron ventilation cap. Sparks and the hot exhaust air can cause injury.

Placing/Removing Components
The grill and its metal components can get very hot, please wear gloves or use tongs when placing the metal grids, pizza stone or deflector stone in the grill or when removing them. Do not place hot components on flammable or sensitive surfaces. Please exercise caution when handling the hot components in order to avoid injuries. Do not try to remove the firebox or charcoal basket when filled with hot coals.

Lifting the Grates
Use the grate lifter when raising the hot grates. Please wear gloves to avoid burn injuries.

Risk of Burn Injuries
Due to the very good insulation of the heavy ceramics, there is minimal risk of burn injuries when touching the outside walls of the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition. We still recommend using precaution and keeping children and pets away from the grill while in use.

Fire Danger
Do not leave the grill unattended. Sparks and the hot exhaust air can cause flammable objects in the vicinity to ignite.

Once lit, the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition lid should always be opened slowly and with extra caution to prevent dangerous flare-ups or backdrafts. When opening the lid, lift it only 1.5 – 2 inches first and wait a moment before opening all the way. In the rare event should you have a backdraft, immediately close the lid and both air vents. It is always advisable to wear heat resistant gloves, and not to stand directly in front of the grill.

Never use any fluid or chemical accelerants. Never use lighter fluid, spirits, or gas! Chemical or liquid accelerants can be absorbed by the ceramic unit and may adversely affect the flavor and quality of the food.

Extinguishing the Charcoal
By closing both of the air vents, the embers will extinguish. This will take approximately 10 – 20 minutes. Never use water to extinguish the charcoal.