Profile Setup

Once your account is created and your CyberQ Cloud is synced to ShareMyCook, we recommend you setup your personal profile.

  1. While on the dashboard, click the ‘Update Profile’ icon. (If you are not on the main dashboard or don’t see it, you can access your profile by clicking the ‘Account’ drop down menu and then selecting ‘My Profile’.)
  2. The profile page allows you to store your real name as well as a separate screen name that will be used publicly. Add any basic background information that you'd like to which will appear on your public profile page. 
  3. To upload a profile picture, click ‘Choose File’ and select a photo from your computer.
  4. Select your Default Temperature Unit by clicking ‘Fahrenheit’ or ‘Celsius’. Fahrenheit will default automatically. (Note: This temperature is only for ShareMyCook. If you want to change the temperature that displays on the device, go to ‘Manage My Devices’, click ‘Manage’ on the device you want to change, and select ‘System Setup’.)
  5. Select your preferred Time Zone by clicking the drop down menu. Eastern Time will default automatically.
  6. Your profile is made public by default. To change your privacy setting, click the checkbox next to ‘Make account private’. Your profile, recipes and cooks will be hidden and be made unavailable to the public.
  7.  You have the option to share Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest social media accounts to your profile. To add your accounts to ShareMyCook, enter the full URL address starting with: http, not just your username or handle. These will appear in your public profile page.
  8. Once completed, click ‘Update Profile’ to save your updates.