Powering Up the CyberQ

Powering up

After plugging in the unit, the following screen will display:

Then the IP address, Hotspot or infrastructure (INFS), will be displayed for 5 seconds as follows:

See section 8 and 9 for more details on this screen.

TURNING OFF - To turn the CyberQ Wi-Fi off, press and hold the M/E key for 4 seconds.

TURNING ON - To turn CyberQ Wi-Fi on, press and hold the M/E key for 2 seconds.

Because of the internal EEPROM memory, if there is a power interruption at any time while cooking with your CyberQ Wi-Fi, once power is restored the unit will automatically restart and continue to control your grill/smoker at the same settings you originally set. If you are operating in infrastructure mode on your network, the network service should not be interrupted. If you are operating in hotspot mode, you may need to reset power to the CyberQ Wi-Fi, then reconnect your PC or mobile device to the network.