BBQ Temperature Control PartyQ Building a Fire

Building a Fire/Ending the Cook

11.1 Building a Proper Fire for Good Control

Building the fire is critical for good control, especially at low temperatures. Light the fire by lighting a few coals at the top. Do not over-fire the charcoal or light it at the bottom, because it could cause startup overshoot and over firing. Some overshoot is normal and it may take a while for the fire to stabilize.

11.2 Extinguishing the Pit/Removing the Control

If there is fuel left over from the cook, save this fuel by closing off your top damper and removing your PartyQ control from the bottom damper.

WARNING!! The PartyQ must be removed at the end of each cook to avoid excessive heat to the control.

While the control is running the fan, the moving air helps to cool the fan. If you leave the control connected to the cooker and shut it down, hot air will have nowhere to go but back through the fan and you will risk melting the fan blades.

If the PartyQ is inserted into a BBQ Guru adaptor, simply remove the control and place the kill plug into the adaptor hole.

CAUTION!! THERE ARE HOT SURFACES ON ALL PARTS OF THE COOKER AFTER COOKING!! Use caution and wear protective clothing when removing the control from the cooker.