BBQ CyberQ Temperature Control Pairing Devices

Pairing other devices to the CyberQ in Hot-spot mode

The most basic way to use the CyberQ’s features is by directly pairing it with one or more Wi-Fi devices in hot-spot mode. While this method doesn’t enable all the CyberQ’s features, direct connection can be useful. If you are at a competition where there is no Wi-Fi or AC power, or if you are tailgating or camping, for example, taking control with a portable device is handy. Nearly any device with Wi-Fi capability and a Web browser will work.

If you have previously linked your CyberQ to a network in infrastructure mode, please perform a system reset by holding down all 4 directional arrows until your display reads: RESETTING EEPROM

  1. Wait until the display shows Pairing in Hot-spot Mode or IP ADDRESS INFS CONNECTING. 

  2. Press and hold down the UP and DOWN arrows together to enter SYSTEM SETUP mode. 

  3. When >SYSTEM SETUP is displayed, push the RIGHT arrow to enter WIFI SETUP mode. 

  4. Press the DOWN arrow twice to >EDIT: and push the CENTER button. 

  5. Press the UP arrow until Away is displayed, then push the CENTER button. 

  6. Press the DOWN arrow to >LOAD: and push the CENTER BUTTON. 

  7. Press the UP arrow until Away is displayed, then push the CENTER button. 

  8. Unplug the CyberQ , then plug it back in.  will be displayed. 

  • On a smartphone or tablet, go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is set to on, then select “my 

  • On a PC go to the  at the lower right. Select “my CYBERQ wifi” 

  • On a Mac go to the  at the top. Select “my CYBERQ wifi”
  • Once you select the “my CyberQ Wi-Fi” as the network, the device will ask for a password. Enter the default password of 1234abcdef. (Not case sensitive) 

  1. Once connected, the CyberQ Wi-Fi will display: 

  1. Open a browser window and type to load the CyberQ Wi-Fi Controller pages. From this browser window, you can monitor and control your cook and make changes to the setup of the controller. Be sure to close any applications that require internet access when using Hot-spot mode.

 When a smartphone is paired to the CyberQ in hot-spot mode, it cannot receive emails because it is not connected to the Internet. You can either use another device to control the CyberQ, or periodically turn off Wi-Fi to allow emails to be received. Texts and phone calls work normally, as they use cellular transmission.

If you will be using a CyberQ in close proximity to others (at a BBQ competition, for example) having several units with an identical SSID and password will cause them to interfere with each other. This is easily avoided by going to the Wi-Fi setup page and changing the SSID from “my CYBERQ Wifi” to something more personal, such as “Bob’s BBQ Team”. In addition, you should change the security key. In hot-spot mode, the CyberQ uses WEP40 security, with a 10-character key made up of number characters and letters from A to F (case is not important), such as the default password of 1234abcdef.

If you have multiple cookers and will be using more than one CyberQ, you will need to change the internal IP of one (or more) controller. Use the up and down arrows to get into System Setup, then the right arrow to access WiFi Setup. Scroll down until you reach the IP address just past LOAD:. Press the center button, then use the up or down arrow to change the last digit of the address (do not use 8), then press the center button to lock in the new value. Power-cycle the unit and relink, then use the new address to bring it up on your browser.