My Cook Management

You can manage, review, edit, and start and stop the recording of live cooks in your My Cook management area.

  1. You can access this page by clicking on the 'Manage' drop down and selecting 'My Cooks'.
  2. From this page you will be able to add new cooks, view previous cooks, and start and stop recording of your cooks. You will see a thumbnail of each cook along with its name and the date you created the cook.
  3. If you click 'Edit' next to your cook, you will be able to edit the main details of your cook that you created when you first setup your cook. You can make adjustments and  upload a new gallery image.
  4. If you have a cook currently recording, a button will appear that says 'Stop Recording'.  This will stop the site from recording the temperatures from your device. If you have a previously saved cook, but didn't start recording yet, you can click 'Start Recording'. (You can only have one cook recording at a time per device you own. If you are recording a cook with one device and start a new cook with the same CyberQ Cloud device, it will stop the recording of your previous cook).
  5. If you wish to view the graphing of a specific cook click on the 'View Cook' button next to the cook you wish to review.