General Uses and Features

The Shotgun BBQ Smoker is a versatile cooking machine that can be used for the following applications:

• Cold smoking cheese, fish, etc. Jerky drying

• Slow cooked barbeque (pulled pork, brisket, ribs, etc.)

• Bread, pizza, stromboli, pastries

• Baking casseroles, beans, stews and desserts

• Roasting meats and vegetables


• Inducer tube attachment on the rear panel ready to accommodate a BBQ Guru temperature control draft fan

• High temperature painted finish

• Sturdy double wall construction

• Heavy-duty latch system on cooking chamber door and firebox door

• Air-tight doors

• Holds approximately 12-15 pounds of charcoal

• Heavy-duty stainless hinges

• Adjustable top damper

• All stainless steel interior

• 6” all terrain wheels

• Dolly handle for easy transport

• Removable water/drip pan for indirect/direct cooking methods