DynaQ Tutorial Videos

BBQ Guru Tutorial Video: DynaQ Visual Indicators

The DynaQ controller is outfitted with the brand-new, patent-pending Guru Status Light Ring. This Light Ring feature has several visual indicators to provide you with instant feedback on the status of your cooking temperature and the operation of the control to help you cook the best BBQ you can.  This video will show you how to read these visual indicators. 

BBQ Guru Tutorial Video: Mobile App Guide

The BBQ Guru app allows you to have total control over your DynaQ right from your smartphone via Bluetooth, whether you're running on iOS or Android mobile operating systems. Watch this video to learn how to connect your controller to your preferred Bluetooth device and how to use the BBQ Guru App.

DynaQ User Guide

DynaQ User Guide PDF

Firmware Updates

Automatic Firmware Update:

Upon an initial device setup and sync once a Bluetooth connection is made the app will check the firmware status of the device. This is the only time the app will automatically check and update the firmware. If current firmware on the DynaQ is older than the current released version the device will automatically begin the update process. If the control is up to date this process is skipped and the app continues to the main screen. A manual firmware update can be performed at any time from the menu option.

Manual Firmware Update:

To ensure you have the latest version of firmware do the following:

  1. For reference in the app under the name of your device the app should display “Firmware Version X.X.X” 
    1. If this is not at least at version 3.0.4 it is highly recommended that you update to the latest version.
  2. To update your devices firmware ensure you have a strong Bluetooth connection with your DynaQ and an internet connection with your mobile device.
    1. In the menu within the app press the “Firmware Update” option
    2. The DynaQ will appear to shutoff while performing the update
    3. Maintain the connection until the device powers back up and resumes operation
    4. Check the app to ensure the firmware version has updated, this may take a few seconds to display properly

DynaQ Troubleshooting Guide

I want to use the DynaQ, but my Bluetooth-enabled device is lost/broken/unavailable. Upon powering your control, it will automatically begin to regulate temperature based on the last settings that 16 were set. You can use the settings from your previous cook or reset to factory default by holding down the button on the left side for 4 seconds. When the control reboots, it will automatically start controlling using the default pit temperature of 250°. Use a thermometer to ensure your food has reached its proper internal temperature before consuming. 

The BBQ Guru mobile application won’t open on my device. Check in the Google Play or Apple store to see if the application has an update available and if so, download and install the update and try again. If no update is available, uninstall the application and download it again. If the problem persists, contact mobileapp@thebbqguru.com with the details of your issue as well as the make/model of your device and what platform you are running on it. 

My device won’t connect to the mobile application. Before attempting to connect again, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device and that the Bluetooth LED indicator light on the DynaQ is blinking. If it is not blinking, contact BBQ Guru Customer Service immediately. If it is blinking, reopen the application and attempt to connect again. You must be within the Bluetooth range of the device, which is approximately 450 feet direct line of sight. 

I want to add another DynaQ or UltraQ controller device onto the application. On the main application screen, swipe left on the area where the control name is. It will slide to a new controller dashboard where it says “Tap to Add”. Follow the instructions as prompted on the screen. You can monitor both controllers by swiping left or right between the two main dashboards. 

I want to control my DynaQ from a different Bluetooth-enabled device. Select the Disconnect From Bluetooth button from the menu and close the application. This will remove the Bluetooth connection with the current controller. Download the BBQ Guru app onto the other Bluetoothenabled device that you want to use. Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled, open the application, and follow the prompts to connect to your DynaQ again. 

The temperature readings and/or screen seems frozen. As soon as you are out of the Bluetooth range of the DynaQ, it will no longer be able to receive real-time temperature readings. Check if the Bluetooth LED indicator light on the DynaQ is solid blue. If it is blinking, it no longer has a Bluetooth connection. The pit temperature is going higher than the desired setpoint. Inspect the pit to ensure it is sealed tightly at the firebox and that there are no spots allowing air to come in and contact the fire. Enable the Open Lid Detection feature. This allows the DynaQ to detect when the pit is opened and if the pit temperature drops. If the feature is turned off, the DynaQ will detect that the pit temperature is dropping on its own accord and will run the fan while the lid or door is open, which will cause the pit temperature to spike. If the fan is running constantly, unplug the control and plug it back in to reboot the device. The fan may then run normally. If it does not, contact customerservice@thebbqguru.com immediately. 

The pit temperature is not correct. It is normal for the temperature in the dome of a pit to be hotter than on the cooking grate. Thermometers that come with most pits are not typically as accurate as the DynaQ. If the pit probe is too close to the food, it may read a lower temperature from the cool vapors coming off the food. Place the pit probe 3 to 4 inches away from the food. The pit probe may be damaged and reading incorrectly. Swap the pit probe with a food probe in their respective 17 jacks. If the food probe reads correctly in the pit jack, then the pit probe is bad. If the food probe also reads incorrectly, it may be bad as well or there may be an issue with the control unit itself. Contact customerservice@thebbqguru.com immediately. If the probe wire shows small, reddish bumps on the outside of the stainless-steel mesh braiding, the silicone insulation has started to melt out because the probe was exposed to direct flame or excessive temperatures. Purchase a new probe at bbqguru.com

The food temperature is not correct. It is normal for different brands of thermometers to vary in temperature reading but they should typically be within a few degrees. Place your non-Guru product into boiling water and ice water to check for accuracy. Check that the probe is fully inserted into the food at the thickest part. If too much of the shaft is exposed, it will cause the probe to read hot. If the food has a bone inside of it, be sure that the probe is not touching any part of the bone. If the probe wire shows small, reddish bumps on the outside of the stainless-steel mesh braiding, the silicone insulation has started to melt out because the probe was exposed to direct flame or excessive temperatures. Purchase a new probe at bbqguru.com.

DynaQ Safety Warnings


WARNING: FIRE HAZARD, BURN HAZARD! FLAMES, SPARKS AND LIT EMBERS CAN EXIT ANY OPENING ON THE PIT CAUSING FIRE! Keep the pit located a safe distance away from flammable objects including buildings, walls, solvents, cars, fuel, wood piles, and furniture, and use caution when opening the pit. An ember that has fallen or is ejected from the pit can be blown into a garage or other structure, debris field, woods, or grass field and can cause fire. Have a fire extinguisher and water supply available near the pit.

WARNINGFIRE HAZARD: If the pit is used on a combustible surface such as a wooden deck, place the pit on a non-flammable pad intended for this purpose.

WARNING: EXPLOSION HAZARD: PIT FIRES CAN OCCUR WHEN LIQUIDS ARE SPILLED OR WHEN SURFACES INSIDE THE PIT REACH THE IGNITION TEMPERATURES OF FATS! Never pour or throw water directly onto a fat fire. Reduce the temperature by cooling the fire in the firebox with a water spray. Close the cooking chamber door while the firebox is steaming to smother the fire. Repeat this procedure as necessary until the pit is under control.

WARNING: FIRE HAZARD: Pit fires can be largely avoided if the pit is kept clean and free from fat buildup during or between cooks. Change drip trays during a cook to keep flammable fats to a minimum. Cook at temperatures low enough to avoid ignition.


WARNINGTHERE ARE HOT SURFACES ON ALL PARTS OF THE PIT BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER COOKING! Wear protective clothing when tending the pit, dumping a firebox into a proper receptacle, attempting to extinguish a fire, or mounting any part of your Guru control system. Be ready to call your local fire company in the case of an emergency.

NOTE: Pit fires can be largely avoided if the cooker is kept clean and free from fat buildup during or between cooks. Changing drip trays during a cook cycle will help keep flammable fats in the cooker to a minimum. You are dealing with an open fire when you are cooking on charcoal and wood.

WARNINGELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD, HIGH VOLTAGE! The power supply for this product is plugged into a 120 or 240 VAC Mains. This voltage can cause injury or death. Keep the power supply away from water and off the ground. Never touch the power supply if it gets wet. Do not use the power supply if visibly damaged.

WARNINGFIRE HAZARD, BURN HAZARD: Even quality electronics can fail CAUSING THE FAN TO RUN CONSTANTLY, RESULTING IN EXCESSIVE TEMPERATURES! Power draft fans can get the pit temperature higher than natural draft. Use caution in opening the pit and determining fan placement. Inspect the probe and fan wires for damage which can cause the fan to run constantly.

WARNINGFIRE HAZARD: Even quality electronics can fail and cause the temperature to read incorrectly. Use a redundant dial thermometer as a backup temperature sensor to verify the control’s reading of the pit temperature.

CAUTION: There are no user serviceable parts inside the control unit. Opening or making unauthorized modifications may cause equipment failure, creating a hazardous condition.

CAUTION: The appliance is not to be used by children or persons with reduces physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction.

CAUTION: Children shall not play with the appliance.

CAUTION: Cleaning shall not be made by children without supervision.

CAUTION: The control is only to be used with the power supply unit provided.

CAUTION: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Check food for doneness with a food thermometer before consumption.

CAUTION: To satisfy exposure requirements for mobile and base station transmission devices, a separation distance of 20 cm / 8” or more should be maintained between the antenna of this device and persons during operation. To ensure compliance, operation at closer than this distance is not recommended. The antenna used for this transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.

CAUTION: Be sure to align the key for the positive (+) and negative (-) leads between the power pack body and cable plug as shown below when assembling the power pack. Improper assembly of the supplied power pack can result in permanent damage to the device.

BBQ Guru Limited Warranty & Return/Repair Policy

To qualify, all returns and exchanges must be accompanied by the original receipt, the original documentation, parts and accessories, plus the original manufacturer packaging. Obtain a return authorization number by emailing your reason for return or exchange with your name, address, email, phone number and date of purchase to customerservice@thebbqguru.com. Failure to follow these instructions or include such items may prevent or delay your refund or exchange. 

Items must be in a condition that permits resale. BBQ Guru will not accept the following items for return: (i) items that have been personalized or customized; (ii) special order items, if not part of the BBQ Guru retail sales offering; (iii) items that have been used, altered or that show wear or damage; (iv) gift cards; (v) services. 

DynaQ controls and fans (2-year limited warranty) BBQ Guru warrants this product to be free from defect in workmanship and materials for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. 

Pit/food probes, power supply and other accessories (90-day limited warranty) BBQ Guru warrants these products to be free from defect in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. 

Should a product malfunction within the warranty period, obtain a return authorization number as per the aforementioned instructions. If defective, it will be repaired or replaced (at the discretion of BBQ Guru) at no cost. There are no user serviceable parts on this unit. 

This warranty is void if the unit shows evidence of tampering or being subjected to moisture, excessive heat, corrosion, or other misuse, including being used with equipment not made by BBQ Guru. Components with excessive wear or damage due to misuse will not be covered under warranty. 

BBQ Guru shall not be responsible for any damage or losses, however caused, which may be experienced as a result of the installation or use of this product.

Variable Flow Rate Power Draft Fans

The fan system uses a variable flow rate to fine-tune the amount of oxygen given to the fire. All fans are equipped with an adjustable damper and an aluminum nozzle. The slide damper can be completely closed to kill the fire or can be adjusted to a small opening for cold smoking. This feature allows fine adjustments to be made due to natural drafts that effect cooking temperature during the fan’s off cycle. Open the damper fully for quick startup. Close halfway to two-thirds of the way for smaller cookers or low and slow cooking. Close nearly all the way for cold smoking.

Premium Dishwasher Safe Probes


The probes provided with your DynaQ are precision stainless steel thermocouples. The thermocouple wires have an armor braid braid with moisture and smoke resistant Teflon insulation that is rated for steady-state temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Do not kink the wires or let them come in contact with direct flame. They can be hand-washed or placed in a dishwasher for cleaning. The probes are user-replaceable and are available at bbqguru.com. Keep a spare set for unforeseen emergency situations.

Important Note: Be sure to fully insert your probes into the control. Push the plug into the receptacle until you feel and hear it snap in place. If you do not plug the probes in securely, there may be erratic temperature readings and the DynaQ will not control temperature accurately. The temperature could also read low, causing the pit to get excessively hot.

Important Note: Each probe jack has an LED indicator light above it. If a probe is securely plugged into the jack while the DynaQ is powered on but the LED does not illuminate, this indicates that the probe is damaged or broken and is not reading temperature properly.

Important Note: The pit probe must be placed inside of the pit at the cooking area for proper temperature regulation. If the pit probe is not located in the pit, proper control will not take place. This can cause the fan to run constantly, causing the pit to become excessively hot.

Important Note: Some ceramic grills present a special-case situation that can lead to early probe failure. 

If using a heat diffuser, run the probe cables over one of the ceramic legs. The heat coming up through the gaps is intense and focused, and if the cable is exposed to this heat, it begins to break down much more quickly than usual. 

Any heat or flame event inside the pit can send a blast of heat – even flames – up the inside of the pit, sometimes ruining a probe instantly. With proper care, the probe has a 2 to 3 year life expectancy.

5-in-1 Magnetic Control Assembly

The DynaQ should be placed in a stable position in its stand. The control can be rotated to face any direction and can sit at any desired angle by tightening the mount knob. Its built-in magnet allows for versatile mounting. The control must be protected from the elements and special precaution must be taken to care for the control as with any other electronic device.

1. Attach the lower stand platform to the upper control bracket using the included hex bolt and thumb nut. 

2. From the underside of the lower stand platform, press the rubber feet into the holes to prevent the stand from sliding. 

3. Snap the control onto the upper control bracket facing any direction. 

4. Tilt the upper control bracket to the desired angle and tighten the thumb nut on the hex bolt to keep the bracket in the selected position.



Note: The additional bracket required to attach the control to the shelf is included only with the Monolith Grill. This assembly requires the hex bolt, thumb nut and upper control bracket from the 5-in-1 magnetic mount that was included with the control.  

1. Attach the sheet metal mount to the left side shelf by placing the Phillips-head screw through the existing hole on the bottom shelf rail and tighten the included nut to hold it in place. 

2. Use the hex bolt and thumb nut from the 5-in-1 magnetic mount to attach the upper control bracket to the sheet metal mount. 

3. Snap the control onto the upper control bracket with the Q-tail pointing down diagonally to the right. 

4. Tilt the upper control bracket to the desired angle and tighten the thumb nut on the hex bolt to keep the bracket in the selected position.