BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Setup Menu


Press the UP & DOWN keys simultaneously to enter the setup menu. The screens below are shown in the order they appear as the UP + DOWN keys are pressed again. When the F/C select is reached and the UP + DOWN keys are pressed again, the setup menu loops, so the pit temperature will be displayed again.


If the temperature of the pit deviates above the setpoint by the alarm deviation setpoint, the alarm will sound and the display will blink:

If the temperature of the pit deviates below the setpoint by the alarm deviation setpoint, the alarm will sound and the display will blink:

The alarm will not sound when the control is first powered up and the pit is cold. The alarm is only allowed once the temperature gets close to the pit temperature setpoint. The alarm deviation is settable from 20 to 125 degrees F and the factory default is 50 degree F.

If the ramp feature is turned on and the pit is actively ramping, the only time that the low alarm will become active is if the pit temperature drops 20 degrees below the food setpoint temperature.


When the ramp is set to   (ramp yes), the low and slow ramp mode is enabled. This mode is used for slow cooks so the food never overcooks. This feature will gradually lower the pit temperature to the food setpoint temperature when the food is within 30 degrees of being done. The controller will hold the pit temperature slightly above the food setpoint as long as there is fuel.

The factory default setting is  (ramp no), so ramp must be enabled to use it. Note: when using this feature, the pit temperature can be started higher than normal to reduce cook time and not overcook the food. If the food probe is not plugged in and the ramp mode is turned on, the ramp LED will be on but no ramping will take place.


The beeper intensity can be adjusted from 0-10. 0 is off, 1 is a small, infrequent chirp and a 10 is a frequent, loud beep. The factory default is 4. If you have multiple pits, this feature is useful for distinguishing one pit from another, by giving each one a unique beep duration.



This feature will allow quick recovery to the setpoint temperature after the lid is opened. When the open lid is set to

 (open lid yes), open lid detect is enabled. When the lid is opened, the temperature will drop. This can cause the blower to over-fire the coals and cause overshoot when the lid is shut. This mode detects when the pit’s lid is open and minimizes the blower running during that time. Some overshoot will always be present when the pit’s lid is opened and

closed even if the blower is off, because it still introduces oxygen to the fire. The factory default is  , so disable this feature if there are problems with excess air currents in the pit. To disable this feature, set it to   (open lid no). To prevent false alarms, the alarm will not sound when the temperature drops and the lid is open.


When the open lid detect is enabled, the rate that the temperature rises in the pit will be limited, preventing over-firing. This will make a typical startup to a temperature of 250 degrees F take a minimum of 20 minutes and will help to eliminate startup overshoot.