BBQ DigiQ Adaptive Control Strategy


The DigiQ’s Adaptive Control Strategy is designed to operate with a wide variety of pits by continually learning what the pit is doing and adapting to many factors such as outside air temperature, amount of charcoal, damper settings, etc. For the DigiQ to work properly and determine how to adapt, the temperature inside the pit cannot oscillate up and down and the lid must stay closed. If the lid is opened often, especially on startup, the control cannot be expected to maintain setpoint. If the lid is left closed for approximately 10-20 minutes, the temperature will become stable after the control adapts. If the lid has been shut for at least 20-30 minutes and the temperature is going up and down significantly (+/- 10 degrees or more), the fan damper needs to be closed more. The pit may run a few degrees high or low due to various conditions but the control will bring it back to the setpoint. Pit temperatures of 20 degrees high or low rarely have an effect on the quality of food.

Air currents in your grill or smoker can make a sensitive and accurate instrument like the DigiQ read actual temperatures rapidly (ie: 223, 224, 223, 225, 224, 226, etc. when the pit temperature is set to 225°F). The DigiQ control is programmed to snap to the pit set point temperature when the pit is within +/- 5 degrees of the temperature set