DigiQ DX2

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Full User Manual

The BBQ Guru Temperature Control DigiQ DX2 manual can be found here: http://bbqguru.com/Support?page=Manuals.

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Saftey Warnings



WARNING: KEEP YOUR CONTROL DRY!! Allowing the control to get wet can cause damage to its electronics and/or make it operate incorrectly, causing a hazardous condition.

WARNING: FIRE HAZARD, BURN HAZARD!! Even quality electronics can fail CAUSING THE BLOWER TO RUN CONSTANTLY, RESULTING IN EXCESSIVE TEMPERATURES! Power Draft Blowers can get the pit temperature higher than natural draft. Use extra caution in opening the pit and determining blower placement. Always inspect the probe wires for damage which can cause the blower to run constantly causing the pit to become excessively hot.

WARNING: FIRE HAZARD, BURN HAZARD!! FLAMES, SPARKS, AND LIT EMBERS CAN EXIT ANY OPENING ON THE PIT CAUSING FIRE!! Keep the pit located a safe distance away from flammable objects including buildings, walls, solvents, cars, fuel, wood piles, furniture, etc. and use caution when opening the pit. An ember that has fallen or is ejected from the pit can be blown by a light wind into a garage or other structure, debris field, woods, or grass field and cause fire. Have a fire extinguisher and water supply available near the pit. If the pit is used on a wooden or combustible surface such as a wooden deck, place the cooker on a non-flammable pad intended for this purpose.

WARNING: FIRE HAZARD, BURN HAZARD!! Even quality electronics can fail and cause the temperature to read incorrectly. Use a redundant dial thermometer as a backup temperature sensor to verify the control’s reading of the pit temperature.


WARNING: PIT FIRES CAN OCCUR WHEN LIQUIDS ARE SPILLED OR WHEN SURFACES INSIDE THE COOKER REACH THE IGNITION TEMPERATURE OF FATS!! Never pour or toss water directly into a fat fire. Reduce the temperature by cooling the fire in the firebox with a water spray. Close the cooking chamber door and the firebox while it is steaming to smother the fire. Repeat this procedure as necessary to get the pit fire under control.

NOTE: Pit fires can be largely avoided if the pit is kept clean and free from fat buildup during or between cooks. Changing drip trays during a cook cycle helps keep flammable fats in the pit to a minimum. Keep cooking temperatures low enough to avoid ignition.

WARNING: THERE ARE HOT SURFACES ON ALL PARTS OF THE COOKER BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER COOKING!! Wear protective clothing when tending the pit, attempting to extinguish a fire, or dumping a firebox in a proper ash receptacle. Be ready to call your local fire company in the case of an emergency situation.

CAUTION: Fire danger is always present even in the best conditions. Continuously perform safety precaution procedures.


BBQ Temp Control DigiQ Limited Warranty

Return criteria

To qualify, all returns and exchanges must be accompanied by the original receipt, the original documentation, instruction manuals, parts and components (including probes, controller, and accessories) and the original manufacturer packaging.

Failure to include such items may prevent or delay your refund or exchange.

For refund or exchange, items must be in a condition that permits us to resell them. The BBQ Guru will not accept the following items for return: (i) items that have been personalized or customized (ii) special order items, if not part of the

BBQ Guru retail sales offering (iii) items that have been used, altered or that show wear or damage; (iv) gift cards (v) services.

DigiQ DX2, CyberQ Wi-Fi and PartyQ controls and fans

(2 Year limited warranty) The BBQ Guru warrants these products to be free from defect in workmanship and materials for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase.

The warranty is not transferrable.

Pit/Food Probes, A/C adapters, and other Accessories

(90 day limited warranty) The BBQ Guru warrants these products to be free from defect in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days from the date of original purchase.

The warranty is not transferrable.

Should the unit malfunction within the warranty period, you must get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number to return it to the factory by emailing a description of your problem and your name, address, email, phone number, and date of purchase to customerservice@thebbqguru.com. If defective, it will be repaired or replaced (at the discretion of BBQ Guru) at no cost. There are no user serviceable parts on this unit.

This warranty is void if the unit shows evidence of tampering or being subjected to moisture, excessive heat, corrosion or other misuse. Components with wear or damage due to misuse will not be covered under warranty.

If your control, probe power pack or fan is malfunctioning and is out of warranty, we may be able to troubleshoot it by phone or email. If it is determined that your part has been damaged in any way during use we will recommend that you purchase a new part.

The BBQ Guru shall not be responsible for any damage or losses, however caused, which may be experienced as a result of the installation or use of this product.

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Features

DigiQ Features

•Digital high intensity “Blaze Red” LED display

•Armored high-temperature pit and food probes

•Controls the pit and monitors the food temperature

•Full-time adaptive control algorithm learns the pit for

better stability and accuracy

•Open lid detect senses when the pit’s lid is open to minimize temperature disturbance

•Exclusive low and slow Ramp mode lowers the pit temperature as food temperatures approach the done setpoint so the food never overcooks

•Scrolling display messages to indicate status and what has been selected

•Audible alarm option to sound for food done

•Adjustable deviation alarm sounds when the pit’s temperature goes too high or too low by a settable value

•Adjustable beeper intensity setting

•Displays in degrees F or C

•32 to 475 degrees F range with +/- 2 °F accuracy (but see page 10 on cook temp rounding)

•Runs on 100-240VAC (for worldwide use) or 12VDC for automotive supply use

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Probes


The probes provided with the DigiQ are precision stainless steel thermocouples. The thermocouple wires have an armorbraid with moisture and smoke resistant Teflon insulation that is rated forsteady-state temperatures up to 500 degrees F. The user can pass these thin wires under the lid of the grill or through a small hole without creating a large gap which would allow air to get through (air intrusion). Be careful not to kink these wires or let them come in contact with flames. These probes are user-replaceable and are available at www.bbqguru.com; we recommend having a spare set for unforeseen emergencies.

 Important Note: Be sure to fully insert your probes into the control. Push the plug into the receptacle until you feel and hear it snap in place. If you do not plug the probes in securely, you may experience sporadic temperature readings and the DigiQ DX2 will not control your cooker accurately. The temperature may also read low, causing your cooker to get excessively hot.

 Important Note: The pit probe must be placed in the pit for proper temperature regulation. If the pit probe is not located in the pit, proper control will not take place. This can cause the blower to run constantly causing your pit to become excessively hot.

 Important Note: The Big Green Egg and other ceramic grills present a special-case situation that can lead to early probe failure.

If you use the plate setter heat diffuser, you need to run the probe cables over one of the ceramic legs. The heat coming up through the gaps is intense and focused, and if the cable is exposed to this heat, it “bakes” and begins to break down much more quickly than usual.

Even if you do not use the plate setter, any heat or flame “event” inside your Egg can send a blast of heat – even flames – up the inside of the smoker, sometimes ruining a probe instantly. In this case, we recommend placing a disposable pan inside the Egg to create a “safe zone” for your probes. This can be done with or without the place setter.

It is the very efficiency and insulation that makes the ceramic cookers so versatile that makes special steps necessary. Follow these steps and you can experience the 2-3 year probe life that is common with other types of smokers.


If the food probe will not be used, it should be unplugged before applying power to the DigiQ, not during operation. This will allow the DigiQ time to configure its alarm operation to prevent false food alarms. The food probe can also be left plugged in, but not inserted into the food.

BBQ Temperature Control DigiQ Power Draft Blowers


All blowers are equipped with an adjustable damper and an aluminum nozzle. The blower housing is constructed of stainless steel for a clean, durable, and long lasting finish.

The slide damper can be completely closed to kill the fire or can be adjusted to a small opening for cold smoking. This feature allows fine adjustments to be made due to natural drafts that effect cooking temperature during the blower’s off cycle. Testing on different settings is recommended. Open the damper fully for quick start up or grilling at high temperatures. Close half way for smaller cookers or low and slow cooking. Close three-quarters of the way for cold smoking.

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Key Operation


FOOD – shows the food temperature when pressed

PIT – shows the pit temperature when pressed

UP – indexes the setpoint up

DOWN – indexes the setpoint down

FOOD + PIT – powers the unit on or off when both buttons are held

UP + DOWN – enters the setup menu when both buttons are held

PIT + UP – invokes the Scan Mode

PIT + DOWN – invokes the Diagnostic Mode


When the beeper intensity is set to above 0, any key press will cause an acknowledge chirp. Setting the Beeper Intensity in the menu to 0 will disable the chirp.


Any time the beeper is sounding, press any key to silence it and clear the alarm condition. To turn the beeper off, set the Beeper Intensity in the menu to 0.

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Powering Up


Upon applying power, the DigiQ will show  to test the display and then shows the version number.

If there is a brief or sustained power interruption at any time while cooking, the DigiQ will automatically restart and continue to control the pit at the same settings that were originally set.

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Display


The DigiQ’s three digit LED display has three status indicators.


The Blower Status Indicator and Blower Display Warble will help determine how the fire is being controlled. When there is sufficient fuel in the pit, the blower will gently puff the fire, feeding it little bursts of oxygen. When the blower is energized, the display will blink about once per second (blower warble) and the blower status indicator will turn on. When the pit starts to run out of fuel, the blower will run almost all of the time.


The Blower Warble is designed so that the output percentage of the blower can be determined by counting how many display blinks (warbles) occur in a given cycle as per the table below:

TIP: If the output percentage is around 80-100% for a long time, the pit may be running out of charcoal. If the output percentage is around 10% for a long time and the temperature is oscillating, close the blower damper adjustment slightly for better control.


When the food temperature reaches or exceeds the food setpoint, the display will scroll and the beeper will sound.


If the temperature goes below 32 or above 485 degrees F on the food or pit probe, the display will show


The DigiQ can display either the food or pit temperature. The default is pit. Press the Food button once to display food temperature, then press Pit to return.


Pressing PIT + UP invokes the Scan Mode. In the Scan Mode, the display will flash between the pit temperature and the food temperature about every four seconds. To turn the scan mode off, unplug power. If an alarm occurs during scanning, the display will show the temperature causing the alarm condition until the alarm condition goes away or is acknowledged by pressing any key. Pressing the UP or DOWN keys will change the setpoint of the temperature that is shown on the display.

BBQ DigiQ Temp Control Setting Up Setpoints


To display the pit setpoint temperature, tap the UP or DOWN key while displaying the pit temperature. To set the pit setpoint simply press the UP or DOWN key.

To display the food setpoint temperature, tap the UP or DOWN key while displaying the food temperature. To set the food setpoint simply press the UP or DOWN key.

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Setup Menu


Press the UP & DOWN keys simultaneously to enter the setup menu. The screens below are shown in the order they appear as the UP + DOWN keys are pressed again. When the F/C select is reached and the UP + DOWN keys are pressed again, the setup menu loops, so the pit temperature will be displayed again.


If the temperature of the pit deviates above the setpoint by the alarm deviation setpoint, the alarm will sound and the display will blink:

If the temperature of the pit deviates below the setpoint by the alarm deviation setpoint, the alarm will sound and the display will blink:

The alarm will not sound when the control is first powered up and the pit is cold. The alarm is only allowed once the temperature gets close to the pit temperature setpoint. The alarm deviation is settable from 20 to 125 degrees F and the factory default is 50 degree F.

If the ramp feature is turned on and the pit is actively ramping, the only time that the low alarm will become active is if the pit temperature drops 20 degrees below the food setpoint temperature.


When the ramp is set to   (ramp yes), the low and slow ramp mode is enabled. This mode is used for slow cooks so the food never overcooks. This feature will gradually lower the pit temperature to the food setpoint temperature when the food is within 30 degrees of being done. The controller will hold the pit temperature slightly above the food setpoint as long as there is fuel.

The factory default setting is  (ramp no), so ramp must be enabled to use it. Note: when using this feature, the pit temperature can be started higher than normal to reduce cook time and not overcook the food. If the food probe is not plugged in and the ramp mode is turned on, the ramp LED will be on but no ramping will take place.


The beeper intensity can be adjusted from 0-10. 0 is off, 1 is a small, infrequent chirp and a 10 is a frequent, loud beep. The factory default is 4. If you have multiple pits, this feature is useful for distinguishing one pit from another, by giving each one a unique beep duration.



This feature will allow quick recovery to the setpoint temperature after the lid is opened. When the open lid is set to

 (open lid yes), open lid detect is enabled. When the lid is opened, the temperature will drop. This can cause the blower to over-fire the coals and cause overshoot when the lid is shut. This mode detects when the pit’s lid is open and minimizes the blower running during that time. Some overshoot will always be present when the pit’s lid is opened and

closed even if the blower is off, because it still introduces oxygen to the fire. The factory default is  , so disable this feature if there are problems with excess air currents in the pit. To disable this feature, set it to   (open lid no). To prevent false alarms, the alarm will not sound when the temperature drops and the lid is open.


When the open lid detect is enabled, the rate that the temperature rises in the pit will be limited, preventing over-firing. This will make a typical startup to a temperature of 250 degrees F take a minimum of 20 minutes and will help to eliminate startup overshoot.

BBQ DigiQ Adaptive Control Strategy


The DigiQ’s Adaptive Control Strategy is designed to operate with a wide variety of pits by continually learning what the pit is doing and adapting to many factors such as outside air temperature, amount of charcoal, damper settings, etc. For the DigiQ to work properly and determine how to adapt, the temperature inside the pit cannot oscillate up and down and the lid must stay closed. If the lid is opened often, especially on startup, the control cannot be expected to maintain setpoint. If the lid is left closed for approximately 10-20 minutes, the temperature will become stable after the control adapts. If the lid has been shut for at least 20-30 minutes and the temperature is going up and down significantly (+/- 10 degrees or more), the fan damper needs to be closed more. The pit may run a few degrees high or low due to various conditions but the control will bring it back to the setpoint. Pit temperatures of 20 degrees high or low rarely have an effect on the quality of food.

Air currents in your grill or smoker can make a sensitive and accurate instrument like the DigiQ read actual temperatures rapidly (ie: 223, 224, 223, 225, 224, 226, etc. when the pit temperature is set to 225°F). The DigiQ control is programmed to snap to the pit set point temperature when the pit is within +/- 5 degrees of the temperature set

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Connections


From left to right: Power Input, Blower Output, Pit Probe, Food Probe, per the diagram below.

Building a Fire for Good Control with DigiQ


How you build the fire in your pit is critical for good control, especially at low cooking temperatures. Stack the charcoal inside your pit so it’s shaped like a pyramid, small at the top and large at the bottom. Light the fire by lighting a few coals at the top. Do not over-fire the charcoal or light it at the bottom, because this will only cause your pit to over-fire during startup. Some overshoot is normal; try setting your cook temp 15-20 degrees low when starting and raising it after your meat is on and the temperature has stabilized.


Normally the DigiQ will be able to adjust the airflow via the blower to deliver precise control and no damper adjustment will be required. If the pit has become over-fired or if the fire was built too big, large temperature swings (+/- 10 degrees or more) may occur. To eliminate this, restrict the airflow by adjusting the blower damper. Try closing the damper to half the current setting and the pit should stabilize within 10-15 minutes after adjustment.


If there is fuel left over from the cook, save this fuel by closing off any open dampers, removing the blower, and plugging the fan adapter opening with a kill plug. This will put the fire out in approximately 30-45 minutes.

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Fan Damper


With a fan-controlled firebox, you need to be able to adjust the amount of air being blown into the firebox. In addition, natural draft may affect cooking temperature when the fan is off. While arriving at final settings requires testing and experimentation, as a general rule it is good to start with the slide damper fully open on offset and large cabinet smokers, halfway open on medium-size vertical or cabinet smokers, and one-third to half open on kettles, bullet, and ceramic smokers. This should support cooking from 225° F to 275°F. Note that it is more efficient for the fan to provide enough air to raise the cooking temperature a few degrees high than to labor consistently a few degrees low.

The top damper functions differently with a fan-controlled system than with a natural-draft system. Where the fan damper controls the amount of air flowing into the smoker, the top damper influences the amount of air flowing out. We recommend keeping the top damper as little as possible in order to retain heat and smoke in the cooking chamber, consistent with reaching the desired cooking temperature.

Close the damper completely to extinguish the fire after cooking (you can also remove the fan and insert a silicone “kill plug” into the adapter).

BBQ DigiQ Stainless Steel Universal Bracket


Shape and bend the bracket to suit your needs.  

BBQ DigiQ Temperature Control Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide




My Cooker won’t reach
or stay at the temp I have set on the GURU. (Cont’d)

My GURU is attached and running but my cooker won’t reach the desired temp. (Cont’d)

FAN isn’t running or making any noise.

It’s possible debris has fallen into the FAN nozzle and is keeping the FAN from turning. Unplug the FAN and remove the debris and see if the FAN starts working again.

Make sure the FAN is not melted. If the FAN is left on the cooker after a cook the heat from the cooker can travel back into the FAN nozzle and melt the plastic blades which keeps the FAN from spinning. If the FAN is melted you will need
to purchase a replacement at www.thebbqguru.com.

The OPEN LID DETECT feature is on which causes the GURU to wait to calculate all of the
air introduced into the cooker before turning the fan back on after the lid is open. In this case just wait for the GURU to begin cycling again or turn OPEN LID DETECT o .

My GURU is overshooting my desired PIT TEMP.

Ice may have formed in the FAN motor. This happens in very cold conditions where condensation from inside the cooker drains into the FAN and then freezes during an o cycle. In this

case remove the FAN and let it warm up and it should begin functioning normally again.

Too much air is getting to the re and causing the PIT TEMP to spike.

Close the damper on your FAN to 1/2 open and wait 5-10min and see if the PIT TEMP starts to go down towards your desired temp.

Close the exhaust damper on your cooker to only 1/4-1/8
of the way open then wait 5-10min and see if the PIT TEMP starts to go down towards your desired temp.




My GURU won’t power on or nothing is visible on the DISPLAY.

My GURU is overshooting my desired PIT TEMP. (Cont’d)

Too much air is getting to the re and causing the PIT TEMP to spike. (Cont’d)

Inspect your cooker and make sure that it’s sealed tightly at the rebox and there aren’t any places allowing air to come in and contact the re. Most lower- cost and entry-level smokers and cookers will require extra gasketing that is not provided from the manufacturer to make them more air tight so that

the only way the re can get air is through your FAN. This gasketing will also make your cooker more e cient and burn less charcoal.

Make sure your OPEN LID DETECT feature is turned ON. This feature allows the GURU to detect when you open your cooker and the PIT TEMP drops. If this feature is turned OFF the GURU will think your pit temp is dropping on it’s own and it will run the fan while your lid is open and this will cause the PIT TEMP to spike.

My FAN is running constantly even when the PIT TEMP is above the desired set temp.

Try unplugging the CONTROL UNIT and plugging it back in to re-boot and see if that causes the FAN to run normally.

If rebooting the CONTROL UNIT doesn’t help you might have a bad relay in either the FAN or the CONTROL UNIT.**

PIT TEMP Displayed is Wrong.

is di erent than on cooker dome thermometer.

It’s normal for the temp in the dome of a cooker to be hotter than on the cooking grate.

Thermometers that come with most cookers are not nearly
as accurate as the GURU. Disregard the built-in cooker thermometer.

If the PIT PROBE is attached too closely to the food it will display a lower temp since the food will have a cool air bubble around it.

Move the PIT PROBE 3-4” away from the food.





PIT TEMP Displayed is Wrong. (Cont’d)

is di erent than on cooker dome thermometer. (Cont’d)

It’s possible the PIT PROBE is damaged and not reading properly.

Swap the PIT PROBE with the FOOD PROBE in their respective jacks. If the FOOD PROBE reads correctly in the PIT JACK then you have a bad PIT PROBE. If the FOOD PROBE also reads incorrectly it may be bad as well or you might have an issue with your CONTROL UNIT.**

The PIT PROBE is incorrectly displaying a very high temp. (Usually in the 400 degree range)

Your PIT PROBE may have a broken connection inside the wire.**

The CONTROL UNIT may be out of calibration or be damaged.

You can attempt to recalibrate the CONTROL UNIT (Instructions can be found in the user’s guide) but it is extremely rare that they go out of calibration. Most of the time it is an issue with a bad probe.

PIT TEMP display shows “- - -”.

If the DISPLAY reads “- - -” this means there is an error with the PIT PROBE.

Make sure the probe is pushed all the way rmly into the PIT JACK.

Insert the PIT PROBE into the FOOD JACK and if there is
still “- - -” displayed then the PIT PROBE is bad. If the temp displayed is correct then there is an issue with the CONTROL UNIT.**

The PIT PROBE wire has small hard reddish bumps present on the outside of the mesh.

The PIT PROBE has been melted by direct ame or exposure
to high temperatures. You will need to purchase a replacement PIT PROBE from www. thebbqguru.com.

FOOD TEMP displayed is wrong.

is di erent than on a di erent food thermometer.

It’s normal for di erent brands of thermometers to have some temp variance but this should be within only a few degrees.

Try your Non-Guru food thermometer in both boiling water and ice water and see how accurately it reads. It might be that your Non-Guru food thermometer is out of calibration.




FOOD TEMP displayed
is wrong. (Cont’d)

is di erent than on a di erent food thermometer. (Cont’d)

FOOD TEMP on the GURU is 15- 20 degrees hotter than on my other food thermometers.

Make sure you have the FOOD PROBE fully inserted into the food. If too much of the steel shaft is exposed in the cooker
it will cause the temp to read hotter since the probe is picking up heat from inside of the cooker and not the actual temp of the food.

The FOOD PROBE is incorrectly displaying a very high temp. (Usually in the 400 degree range)

Your PIT PROBE may have a broken connection inside the wire.**

FOOD TEMP display shows”- - -”.

If the DISPLAY reads “- - -” this means there is an error with the FOOD PROBE.

Make sure the probe is pushed all the way rmly into the FOOD JACK.

Insert the FOOD PROBE into the PIT JACK and if there is
still “- - -” displayed then the FOOD PROBE is bad. If the temp displayed is correct then there is an issue with the CONTROL UNIT.**

The FOOD PROBE wire has small hard reddish bumps present on the outside of the mesh.

The FOOD PROBE has been melted by direct ame or exposure to high temperatures. You will need to purchase a replacement PIT PROBE from www.thebbqguru.com.