BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi Meat and Temperature Probes


The probes provided with your CyberQ Wi-Fi are stainless steel precision thermocouples. The thermocouple wires have an armor braid with moisture and smoke resistant teflon insulation that is rated for temperatures up to 500 degrees F. The user can pass these thin wires under the lid of the grill or through a small hole without creating a large gap which would allow air to get through (air intrusion). Be careful not to kink these wires or let them come in contact with flames. These probes are user- replaceable and are available at; we recommend having a spare set for unforeseen emergencies.

Important Note: Be sure to fully insert your probes into the control. Push the plug into the receptacle until you feel and hear it snap in place. If you do not plug the probes in securely, you may experience sporadic temperature readings and the CyberQ Wi-Fi will not control your cooker accurately. The temperature may also read low, causing you cooker to get excessively hot.

Important Note: The pit probe must be placed in the pit for proper temperature regulation. If the pit probe is not located in the pit, proper control will not take place. This can cause the blower to run constantly causing your pit to become excessively hot.

If you decide not to use the food probe(s), they should be unplugged before applying power to the CyberQ Wi-Fi, not during operation. This will allow the CyberQ Wi-Fi time to sense how you are trying to cook and configure its alarm operation to prevent false food alarms. You can also leave a food probe plugged in and not use it.