CyberQ Wifi BBQ Temperature Control Device Pages

CyberQ Pages

Web Interface Main Screen

This screen contains the same information as the section Manual Operation – Main Screen.

You may enter names for the sensors (up to 16 characters). This will only be shown on the web pages. Additionally, the CyberQ may be rebooted remotely using the reboot device button.

Web Interface System Setup Screen

This screen contains the same information as the section Manual Operation – System Setup.

You may change aspects of operating the CyberQ:

  1. Turning scrolling on causes the Main Display on the system unit to continuously scroll through all the values, leaving your hands free. 

  2. LCD Backlight adjusts the brightness of the characters; 60-70% is the optimum range for outdoor use. 

  3. LCD Contrast is optimal at 10%; we do not recommend changing this value as it is easy to render the display screen unreadable. 

  4. Units allows you to choose Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius 

  5. Alarm Beeps sets the number of times the unit beeps to signal an alarm 

  6. Key Beeps allows you to turn key press beeps on or off as you prefer. 

Web Interface Control Setup Screen

This screen contains the same information as the section Manual Operation – Control Setup.

You may change aspects of cooking with the CyberQ:

  1. Cook Hold lets you set the pit temp used when the timer counts down to 0. 

  2. Timeout action lets you select what happens when the timer runs out, either nothing, change the pit tem to cook/hold; sound an alarm; or shut down the cooker. 

  3. Alarm Deviation is the amount above or below the cooking setpoint that will trigger an alarm. 

  4. Ramp mode turns the automatic overcooking prevention feature on or off. 

  5. Open Detect turns the overheating prevention feature on or off. 

  6. Cycle Time is the number of seconds between fan pulses; we recommend leaving it at 6. 

  7. Proportional Band is the range of temperatures over which the fan will pulse. 30 degrees generally works well, but if your pit temperature is oscillating over a range of 10 degrees or more and doesn’t settle down, you can make the band slightly larger. 

Web Interface Wi-Fi Setup Screen

In general, we recommend that only the last three items be modified from the screen:

  1. An HTTP username and password can be entered that will restrict access to unauthorized users , getting access from the Internet. If no username and password are entered, general access to everything is allowed. 

  2. HTTP Port can be changed if your ISP or router blocks port 80 for internal use. 

If you will be using your CyberQ in hot-spot mode near other units (i.e. at a competition), you can eliminate interference by changing the SSID and/or the Key. The hot-spot uses a WEP 40 key of 10 characters comprised of numbers 0-9 and upper-case letters A-F.

Web Interface Email Setup Screen

This screen is not available in the section Manual Operation.

CyberQ Wi-Fi Email Alert Setup Instructions:
NOTE: This feature works only in infrastructure mode, when connected to the internet.

  1. You must be in infrastructure mode and connected to a router to use email alerts 

  2. Open the CyberQ Wi-Fi email setup webpage 

  3. Fill out the fields as per the information below 

  4. Set the email alert interval. This will determine how often you receive emails. Set to 0 to send only email alarms. 

Email Setup Values:

SMTP Hostname:

SMTP TCP Port: 587

SMTP Auth. Username:

SMTP Auth. Password: 1234abcdef

Email Recipient: is just an example (this is the email address you want to receive the emails at)

Email From:

The email Alert Interval can be set from 0-999 minutes.

The email will be sent in the form of the following text:

Alarm: Cook Low Deviation

Cook Temp: 250 F

Food 1 Temp: 123 F

Food 2 Temp: 145 F

Food 3 Temp: 153 F

Output: 55%

Timer: 14:00:00

Sending Emails to your cell phone as text: Here are the steps for sending an email to your phone.

The email address will be the cell phone number followed by the carrier extension. An example email address would be for cell phone number 856-555-1111 with Verizon Wireless as a service provider. Some of the more popular cell phone carrier extensions are listed below. The extension can be obtained from your service provider.

Some examples are:

Verizon Wireless: (cell#)

AT&T: (cell#)

T-Mobile: (cell#)

Sprint: (cell#)

An alternate way to receive email alerts on your phone is to check the email address specified in email alerts with a web-enabled phone.