CyberQ Cloud WI-FI Networking Quickstart Guide

Click here for the PDF of the CyberQ Cloud WI-FI Networking Quickstart Guide.

Some of the best features of your CyberQ Cloud require you to connect it to the internet. There are several ways to do this. This short Wi-Fi Networking Quick Start Guide will demonstrate the easiest and fastest way to do so. (Our online manual provides additional options.)

Your CyberQ Cloud ships in what is called HotSpot mode. This will allow you to connect to it with a Wi-Fi enabled device, like a laptop or smartphone.

1) Using a Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet or desktop, go to its Wi-Fi settings and search for available networks. Your CyberQ Cloud will appear on the list with a default name that will look like HS-MY_CYBERQ_####. Choose this from the list of available options.

2) Once connected, open a web browser and type in

3)You will then see the built-in CyberQ Cloud pages. Click on the link at the top that says WI-FI SETUP

4)Click on the yellow button that says Cloud Connection Wizard.

5)The CyberQ Cloud will then scan for your home Wi-Fi router. This generally takes up to 60 seconds.

6). Scroll down to see the available networks. Find your home network and click Join

7) If your Wi-Fi router requires a password, type in the password and hit Submit

8)Your CyberQ Cloud will then restart in what is called Infrastructure mode and will connect to the internet through your Wi-Fi Router. (If your CyberQ Cloud starts up and briefly says No Network, this usually means that your password was incorrect and you should return your CyberQ Cloud to Hotspot mode and run the connection wizard again.)

9)After the device fully reboots and can access the internet, it will prompt you for a registration pin. Follow the steps in the included Quick Start Guide to create an account on to get your pin.

10) Enter your pin on the CyberQ Cloud and hit the Enter button and you’re ready to go!