CyberQ Wifi BBQ Temperature Control Building a Proper Fire for Good Control

Building a Proper Fire for Good Control

How you build the fire in your pit is critical for good control, especially at low cooking temperatures. Stack the charcoal inside your pit so it’s shaped like a pyramid, small at the top and large at the bottom. Light the fire by lighting a few coals at the top. Do not over-fire the charcoal or light it at the bottom, because this will only cause your pit to over-fire during startup. Some overshoot is normal; try setting your cook temp 15-20 degrees low when starting and raising it after your meat is on and the temperature has stabilized.

Eliminating Large Fluctuations in the Pit Temperature

Normally, the CyberQ Wi-Fi will be able to adjust the airflow via the blower to deliver precise control and no damper adjustment will be required. If the pit has become over-fired or if you built the fire too big, you may see large temperature swings (+/- 10 degrees or more). To eliminate this you may need to restrict the airflow by adjusting the blower damper. A good rule of thumb is that if you see large temperature swings, try closing the damper to half the current setting; the pit should stabilize within 10- 15 minutes after adjustment.

Extinguishing the Pit
If there is fuel left over from the cook, you can save this fuel by shutting any open dampers or removing the blower and insert the kill plug into the fan adapter. This should put the fire out in about 30-45 min.