Assembling the Cart

A. Assemble the cart by placing the stainless steel caps on the top of the legs then screw the legs to the frame. To prevent scratches on the metal components, place a cloth or a piece of paper between frame and legs before turning. Turn each leg until the holes of the frame are aligned with the holes in the legs. For more user convenience attach the legs with the lockable castors next to each other.

B. Secure each leg with four screws, then fasten all screws tightly.

C. Make sure the castors are locked before placing the ceramic unit in the cart.

CAUTION: Place the cart on a flat and stable surface. Keep in mind the heavy weight of the grill. Note that the grill can reach very high temperatures and should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of combustible materials. The grill must not be operated in closed rooms.

D. Lower the ceramic unit into the cart, making sure the opening (ash compartment) is between the legs with the lockable castors. We suggest carrying the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition by the brackets for the side tables.

CAUTION: Due to the risk of breakage, please exercise caution when handling the ceramic components. Avoid carrying the grill by the hinges or the bamboo handle, this can lead to damaging the grill! Due to the weight we recommend the unit be carried by two people. Be sure to wear gloves to prevent injuries.

E. LE CHEF ONLY: Loosen the two capped nuts on the front of the metal bands and attach the handle to the bolt. Screw the capped nuts back on the studs and tighten with a wrench. F. Place the cast iron cap on the top opening of the ceramic unit.

G. Put the fire box inside the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition; placing the cut away section towards the opening of the ash compartment. Cleaning your Monolith BBQ Guru Edition is easy when the fire box and the ash compartment door opening are aligned correctly.

H. Place the heat protector stone on the base of the unit. This stone prevents the base of the grill from overheating.

I. Place the cast iron fire grate inside the firebox and then the charcoal basket inside the firebox, making sure that the opening for the wood chip feeder system is aligned with the opening in the fire ring.

J. Place the fire ring on top of the fire box, making sure the opening for the wood chips is directly behind the corresponding opening in the ceramic unit.

K. Hook the side shelves in the corresponding mounts on the ceramic unit. If shelves do not align into the mounts easily, you may have to very carefully bend the metal mounts slightly to accommodate.

IMPORTANT: Before first use check that all the screws are safely and correctly tightened. The screws on the metal bands around the unit should be tightened on a regular basis.